Mishaps and Musings…

Last week was a good week for Wilder Inspirations! Steady orders are starting to come in which is a great thing! However, if I’m filling orders for customers, it doesn’t leave me much time to make new sample products or to work on new designs/ fabric combinations. Last week I was seriously burning the midnight oil to accomplish both and this is what happens…. you mess up your own monogram. My initial are SAS. In the monogram world this is normally displayed as sSa. But apparently at midnight, my brain just doesn’t compute and something I’ve done over and over again for a year suddenly becomes more difficult. If this had been a customer order, I would have redone the hat, but for me, I will wear it as is and laugh about the mishap everytime I put it on…

Beach hat

Another first for me this weekend was seeing my new label sewn into a garment for the first time. There is something thrilling about seeing the name of your business on a label inside of a piece of clothing. I suddenly feel so legit, yo!

Label in shorts

The labels were easy to make using a pretreated cotton fabric and my printer. I will soon need to order woven labels, but the expense outlay is high enough that the business needs to grow a little more before I can do that.

One other funny story… I have Etsy apps on both my phone and my ipad. When someone purchases something from my Etsy shop, a cash register sound happens. Everytime it happens while I’m here at my day job, I get so excited and have to look and see what sold. The other day I was in line at a fabric shop buying more material when all of a sudden I heard “cha-ching!” Everyone in line was looking around trying to find the source of the sound and I was frantically rummaging around in my purse to find my phone! Needless to say I had to get out of line to go buy more fabric!!

What I did this weekend….

One of the things I did this weekend was work on peg boards for my thread collection… as soon as I get them up in my sewing nook, I will post pictures of my workspace. I always find it interesting to see where others create, though I’m sure no one will be envious of my sewing closet!
I also created two new styles for my ETSY shop. The first I created for a dear friend who I haven’t seen in about 20 years or so. Through the miracle of Facebook we have reconnected and she asked me to make something for her neice. She loved this fabric combination and I wanted to try out a new pattern and the result is just adorable!! I call this the Whales on Parade Ruffle Neck Dress. Isn’t it adorable??
Ruffle Neck Whale Dress

The other dress I made was totally by accident. When I made the Whales on Parade dress, I had some leftover fabric that had already been cut out of the pink seersucker. I had been ironing a new madras fabric that I just got in and the two were sitting side by side and the combination just practically screamed “MAKE ME!” So, since I am in a habit of listening to the voices in my head, I decided to go ahead and make this dress and it is my favorite combination to date! What do you think?? I think I love this dress so much because the color combination makes me think of my dear friend Darlene… this looks like the kind of color combination she would have loved for shorts or flip flops or a beach bag!
Ruffle Neck Madras Dress
Last but not least, I will leave you with a cute kid picture… Abby couldn’t understand why I wanted to take pictures of the dresses without her in them… so I told her she could stand beside one (while I was planning to crop her out) and she promptly sat her fanny down right in front… which made me laugh and take the picture, so I’m sharing that as well!
Abby in front of whale dress

LOVE my new look!

I absolutely love the new look of this blog. I have been working with another vendor on Etsy who designed my etsy shop and blog graphics. When I look at her artwork, it just makes me smile!

Today the UPS man vistied my house with all kinds of goodies. I got a mannequin to use for photographing products (the 4 year old does not always want to cooperate), and a big box of new goodies ready for monogramming for my shop. I also got a new monogramming software for my embroidery machine and I can’t wait to get started with it. I will be playing around with it in the coming days!

What do you think of my new logo? When I am able to start printing my own labels this is what I plan to use…



Blogging sure has changed…

started my first blog when we went to China to adopt our darling daughter (DD). That was back in 2006 and so much has changed since then. If you are interested in seeing my first site, it is http://www.ourlittletiger.blogspot.com. It was a very basic blog, but it helped me pass the time while we waited about 4 years for our miracle! I’m learning what a plug in is, and how I can use Widgets to build my site. :) I feel like my head is spinning. Did I mention that my day job is in IT? I am a business analyst. I am the person who takes the business needs and tells the techies what is needed. I let them worry about all the super technical stuff.
I think one of the reasons I am enjoying sewing and creating so much is because I now have an outlet for all this creative energy that I have. As a child, I loved art though I wasn’t an especially talented artist. But yet I still loved to create. I see that same spark in DD as she loves to sit at her little table and do her “work,” which mostly consists of glueing pom poms and glitter to paper and then cutting it all up. I hope that I pass my love of all things crafty to her!

My latest creation is for a good friend. She asked me to create a group of coordinating monogrammed t shirts for her group of friends attending the Mothers of Multiples conference. I had made this monogram on Koozies and she wanted it on a shirt. I think it turned out so cute! To those of you not from SC, this is the SC flag design with a monogram as the top of the Palmetto Tree. A very cute and stylish way to wear a monogram. (Which is ALWAYs a DO in SC!)
Palmetto monogram

A new venture…

My first week selling on Etsy was successful. I had 3 sales! I never thought I would get that many in my first week, and each sale was a result of someone finding my item during a search. That is both good and bad. Good because it means that those in the marketplace like the designs I have offered, but bad because it means my facebook marketing skills are not getting the job done.

So, what does that mean? It means that I go ahead and pursue this blog/website. In the course of conversations with new and existing customers, a common question always comes up. Do you have a website? In the past I’ve directed them to my Facebook page, but I have come to realize that not everyone (GASP!) uses facebook. (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?)

In light of that recent realization, I decided now was a good time to go ahead and take the plunge and establish my own website and blog. What you will see on this blog will be mixture of what I’m working on, daily life stories about my little girl, tutorials and crafty ideas, and shameless promotion of all things related to my business. I hope you will join me often here at WilderInspirations.com!

Because I know that you love to see pictures of cute kids, I will leave you with this one of my darling daughter (DD) modeling a madras top….Madras pillowcase 1